How We Can Help

The EI Team offer their help over a number of distinct steps, from an initial assessment to post-care support.

Psychosis IS treatable


There are a number of treatments and interventions that can help when someone is experiencing a first episode of Psychosis. To help you and us decide which treatments might be most suitable we offer a comprehensive initial assessment.

The assessment is carried out by members of the EI team at a place and time that is convenient to you. This might be in your own home, your GP’s surgery, one of the local mental health centres or a school or youth centre.

The main part of the assessment is a structured interview which looks at what sorts of problems you are experiencing. The interview will cover areas such as previous personal and medical history, current problems, family history of mental health problems and what your thinking, feelings and behaviour have been like.

It can be helpful to know what you were like before so we also like to meet up with family members or a friend who might be able to describe what they have noticed has changed. This can either be done at the first meeting or can be at a later time.