How Can You Help

The EI Team offer their help over a number of distinct steps, from an initial assessment to post-care support.

Psychosis IS treatable


Whilst we believe that most people will recover from a psychotic episode there is good research evidence that individuals are vulnerable to it happening again. For this reason the EI Team offers to support people for up to 3 years following their first episode of Psychosis. This does not mean that you have to see us every week. A tailored level of support will be agreed that aims to help you maintain your progress towards a full recovery and highest level of functioning including rebuilding social networks, housing issues, employment and education.

Getting back on your feet

Following an episode of Psychosis it is normal for people to have worries and fears around becoming unwell again and how they would cope. We know that the priority will be for you to get back on your feet. We will work with you to identify the early warning signs that happened just before you became unwell. We then can use these signs to draw up a plan to support you in staying well and giving advice on what you can do to help yourself and who to contact if you feel unwell again.