How Can You Help

The EI Team offer their help over a number of distinct steps, from an initial assessment to post-care support.

Psychosis IS treatable


Following initial assessment you will be allocated a care coordinator from the team. This may be one of the people who did your assessment but it may be someone else with particular skills to meet your needs. The EI Team is staffed by a range of professionals including nurses, psychologists, support time and recovery workers, psychiatrists, an occupational therapist and a social worker.

The assessment will identify the sorts of areas you might need help in and together you and your care coordinator will design a plan of care to meet your needs. The plan might include some of the following interventions…

Information and advice

We can offer 1:1 sessions with you and your family to give you information, ideas and advice that others have found helpful in dealing with Psychosis and its effects. We also can provide fact sheets, booklets and self help books on a variety of subjects. Some of this material can be downloaded from this website or there are some useful links to other material on the internet.

Social support

We understand the impact that experiencing a psychotic episode can have but we believe that in the majority of cases recovery is possible and that you can get back on your feet quickly. We know that it is very important to get support in solving difficulties with work, study, housing, finance or your social life. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get started, so we run a number of activities (e.g. art, leisure and social activities), which can be a good starting point. These can be individual or group activities where you can meet others with similar experiences to you.

Sometimes it is helpful to involve your family, partner or friends. This is because they can help support you, and can often contribute important views. Relatives and friends also often value some support themselves. This can help them understand what you have been experiencing and how best to help you. We run a family support group as well as support for individual families. Most of our staff are trained in Behavioural Family Therapy and if you think it would be useful we can offer you a separate family assessment with a view to providing family interventions.