Helping Yourself

We can all go through difficult times. Clear information can help us cope and move our lives forward…

Here is information on common problems


Most people at some point in their lives can feel elated and full of energy. Generally this is a pleasant experience although usually short-lived. When these feelings and behaviours persist and are accompanied by other changes such as being overly positive and excited about life, feeling irritable or euphoric then it is likely that individual has mania.

If left untreated, the individual can engage in self destructive, such as incurring unmanageable debts, engaging in risky sexual behaviours and blaming others for things going wrong. As a result their relationships with others can suffer and social networks can breakdown.

The best way to help a person suffering from mania is to be aware of the signs and encourage the person to seek help. Focus on the “here and now” instead of the past and future. Avoid arguments, as this will usually result in more conflict and may possibly provoke the person into becoming aggressive. Try to be supportive and patient, and make sure to seek support for yourself as well.