Helping Yourself

We can all go through difficult times. Clear information can help us cope and move our lives forward…

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The feeling of being watched or the thought that people may be talking about us is a feeling that most people have had at some point in their lives. These kinds of thoughts are often referred to as paranoid and, in fact, are very common. Usually suspicious thoughts present no problem because they are accepted as being exaggerated and are easily dismissed.

However, when paranoia becomes extreme it can be very distressing and can influence the sufferer to behave in extreme ways. For example, it can become very isolating for the person concerned if they feel that they can rely on nobody. Sufferers can feel angry, fearful, guilt-ridden, suspicious, vengeful or ostracised. They can also become depressed.

Helpful Things To Do

Avoid arguing with the person about their delusions or suspicions as this runs the risk of making them stronger. Let them know you can understand why they would feel afraid, given the things they are thinking. Show them with your body language that you are on the same side. Sit beside rather than in front of the person. Be consistent and predictable by doing the things you say you will do. Stay calm and consider the safety of you and the person.